Eversense Pioneers

Be inspired by the stories of Eversense Pioneers

Eversense Pioneers—early users of Eversense whose lives have been so positively impacted by the 90-day technology, that they want to share their experience with others.


Techy, super dad and gym rat— hear how Eversense helps Matt be engaged and focused, with no worries that his sensor will be knocked off, no matter what life throws at him.


Dianne is on the road a lot between Florida and Alabama. She and her husband are both relieved that she has Eversense to keep her in a safe range, especially when she’s alone.


Eversense's on-body vibe alert helps Robert stay on top of his levels, even when working in a noisy and chaotic airport environment, where he can’t always hear audio alerts.


Medical receptionist, fitness instructor, and member of a band, Yvonne never stops and neither does her Eversense CGM system, which monitors her blood sugar continuously for 90 days.

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