Now Your Patient Can Be Unstoppable For 90 Days

Eversense is the only CGM system with a 90-day subcutaneous sensor – giving patients the longest wear time ever, along with unmatched convenience and accuracy.1,2,3

Why Eversense CGM?


90 days

The FDA-approved long-term CGM that lasts up to 90 days.

The advanced sensor technology and under the skin sensor help patients reach unprecedented levels of wear time, leading to improved clinical outcomes.


The only CGM with a powerful

Wear Time
in clinical trials1,2


How We Outpace Other CGMS


Up to 90-day sensor life

4 sensor changes per year

Only 4 ‘Day 1' warm-up periods

Sensor insertion by HCP

Transmitter is removable and provides unique on-body vibe alerts

Sensor stays put no matter what

Reduced irritation with gentle, silicone-based adhesive4

Traditional CGMs

Short sensor life of 7-14 days

26-52 sensor changes per year

26 - 52 ‘Day 1’ warm-up periods

Need to self-insert the sensor

Transmitter must remain adhered to skin for sensor duration

Percutaneous sensor can be dislodged during everyday activities

Acrylate-based adhesives can cause skin irritation

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