Eversense Data Management System Helps You See The Big Picture

The Eversense Data Management System (DMS) is a web-based application that enables you to upload glucose readings from your Eversense Mobile App without having to use a cable. The application stores your data and offers a number of reports to show trends and patterns over time1.

When you download and install the Eversense Mobile App, you create a secure account that allows Eversense CGM data from your mobile device to automatically sync to your Eversense DMS account about every 5 minutes. To log in, use the same username and password you used to create your account when installing the Eversense Mobile App.

The Eversense Data Management System does not provide medical advice. Changes to your treatment plan should only be made by your Health Care Provider.


Log in to the Data Management System to keep tabs on your glucose levels over time, and help you and your doctor make adjustments.

  • Data syncs from your Eversense mobile app and displays automatically
  • Historical data displayed in nine reports
  • Share your reports with your health care provider for optimal diabetes management
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Easily identify patterns and trends with these reports

Dashboard summary

  1. Eversense Wear Time
  2. Ambulatory Glucose Report (AGP)
  3. Time in Target
  4. Time in Range (TIR)
  5. Glucose Variability
  6. Glucose Trend
  7. Glucose History
  8. Glucose Distribution
  9. Transmitter Log
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