CONTOUR®NEXT and CONTOUR® Net Pricing Program

This program allows retail pharmacies contracted with the Medicare Part B program and state Medicaid programs to offer quality brand diabetes care products to your Medicare Part B and/or state Medicaid customers while continuing to buy from your Wholesaler.

Program Benefits


Net Pricing:

Ease, Accuracy, AND Savings!

Enroll today in the Ascensia Net Pricing Program and experience:

Upfront savings

Proven accuracy1,2

NO waiting for checks/rebates

NO paperwork

NO minimum purchase

PLUS...Access to No Charge meters (Medicare FREE* Meter Pre-Pack)

Products included in the retail Medicare/Medicaid program:


To qualify, the retail pharmacy must:

Agree to the terms and conditions of the CONTOUR®NEXT Retail Medicare/Medicaid Agreement

Adjudicate Medicare Part B claims to Medicare for products provided to end user through this program as per current Medicare guidelines§

BUY CONTOUR®NEXT Medicare/Medicaid labeled products from your Drug Wholesaler for resale only to eligible Medicare Part B/Medicaid beneficiaries

Frequently asked questions:

Upon acceptance in the Medicare/Medicaid Program, your pharmacy is eligible for No Charge meters. These meters are made available through your selected wholesaler as listed in your RCBA agreement by ordering the Medicare Pre-Pack. No charge meters are for eligible customers only, as described in the terms of your RCBA agreement. Ascensia reserves the right to limit quantities, and may change or cancel this program at any time and without notice.

You will be notified by Ascensia of the acceptance of your application as well as the status of Ascensia notification to the specified Authorized Ascensia Drug Wholesaler listed on your RCBA agreement.

Test strips can only be sold to patients with diabetes whose diabetes management supplies are covered as a medical benefit by Medicare Part B and/or State Medicaid (except in those states where Medicaid covers Ascensia Products as a pharmacy benefit) and/or Managed Medicaid and shall exclude those patients covered by a Medicare Advantage plan or by a managed care plan under which Ascensia Products are considered a pharmacy benefit. Please refer to your RCBA agreement, “Terms and Conditions” for additional details and exclusions regarding eligibility.

If you change wholesalers please fill out the online form again with the new wholesaler, and we will notify your wholesalers of the change. You are only authorized to purchase test strips from the wholesaler listed on your RCBA. Any purchases from wholesalers who are not listed on your RCBA are a violation of this program and may be a breach of your RCBA agreement.

Ascensia Diabetes Care allows you to use one primary wholesaler of your choice, as selected by you in your RCBA agreement. Should your primary wholesaler be out of stock, you may use the secondary wholesaler which you selected in your RCBA agreement to fulfil your order, until such time as the product is back in stock with your primary wholesaler. Ascensia does not allow for more than one source of supply of Medicare Product at any given time.

The Ascensia Medicare/Medicaid Program has no minimum or maximum purchase requirement. However, Ascensia reserves the right to limit quantities purchased.

Please contact the wholesaler with whom you will be participating in the Ascensia Medicare/Medicaid Program for the pricing of the product.

Once your pharmacy is approved, you may order Ascensia product directly through your approved wholesaler.

If you are not accredited by a CMS approved accreditation Organizations, then you are not eligible to participate in this program, unless you have an Exemption Letter provided to you by the National Supplier Clearinghouse (NSC). If you have an Exemption Letter from a NSC, you must upload that letter along with your RCBA application in order to be considered for the program.