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“This is an unbelievable tool”

– Yves R.

Yves was impressed with the CONTOUR®Diabetes app which works with our CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter. His results were synced automatically and he was able to email his reports directly to his doctor, so he could have more informed discussions.

You’ll want to check out the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE meter and our latest blood glucose meter, the CONTOUR®NEXT GEN, which is highly accurate and easy to use. They use our smartLIGHT® target range indicator, so you can easily interpret your readings and guide your decisions making. Yellow means your results are above target, green is on target and red means your result is below target. The CONTOUR®NEXT meters also comes with Second-Chance® sampling, which helps avoid re-lancing.1,2

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*The common unit for blood glucose in the US is mg/dl. 1 mmol/L of blood glucose is equivalent to 18 mg/dL of blood glucose. To calculate milligrams per deciliter multiply the total amount of mmol/L by 18.