Easily track meals to help improve your diabetes management
Pair a highly accurate1,2 CONTOUR®
meter with SNAQ to take the
guesswork out of mealtime.
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New Features

Adding meals is easier than ever

  • AI-powered nutritional data
  • Barcode food items can be added to image meals
  • Can choose multiple units of measure for foods
  • Add customized name for meals

Enhanced Dashboard

  • Easily track and monitor your daily nutritional values
  • Great for those tracking daily calorie and/or carb intake
  • Access your data offline

Activity Tracking

  • Automated import of workouts and steps from wearable devices
  • Automated mapping of intensity of workout
  • Supports all devices connecting to Apple Health® and/or Google Fit®
By using the SNAQ app with your CONTOUR® meter, you can obtain insights to help make decisions for your diabetes management by conveniently tracking the impact of meals and snacks on your blood glucose readings.



Snap a picture and get the nutritional values of your meal.



See how your meal affects your glucose levels.



Discover patterns from past meals that may improve your time-in-range.
The SNAQ app helps you count carbs, protein, and fat content by using your smartphone’s camera. Snap a picture of your meal, and view the approximate nutritional values of each item on your plate.

SNAQ App Reviews

Finally what I need

I’m newly diagnosed with diabetes and overwhelmed by all the changes I need to make. There are lots of apps that help you track what you eat and lots of apps that let you track your monitor readings. This is the only one I’ve found that helps connect the one with the other.

– exprofessor
SNAQ is a game changer!

As diabetics living in our modern world, there is a lot of helpful technologies/systems/apps that help us manage our condition. I love that SNAQ incorporates all of these awesome features into one app… and has some super cool new tech that I’ve yet to see! Definitely a game changer for diabetes management. Love it. – Park
Exactly what I need to know

I love the simplicity of SNAQ. It has exactly the info that I need when I need it. I want to know what my blood sugars did the last time I ate a certain meal, and the ability to pull up exactly that data when I need it is invaluable. Straightforward design makes it easy to see exactly what I need it without a lot of stuff I don’t getting in the way. – ErinSpineto
Download the SNAQ app and pair with your CONTOUR® meter to complement your mealtime and diabetes management.
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*SNAQ app rating on Apple App Store.
†Premium subscription may be required.
‡See smartphone compatible models on SNAQ FAQ page
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