CONTOUR®NEXT Always covered under
Medicare Part B.*

When accuracy and ease of use are most important, recommend CONTOUR®NEXT to your patients

For Your Medicare Part B Patients –
getting CONTOUR®NEXT products should
never be difficult:

Choose the CONTOUR®NEXT Portfolio Blood Glucose Meter that works best for you.




Write a Medicare Part B prescription for CONTOUR®NEXT.

To avoid callbacks and ensure your patient receives the CONTOUR®NEXT Brand:

  • Write the exact brand (CONTOUR®NEXT) of the product to avoid confusion or substitution 
  • Write “DO NOT SUBSTITUTE” on the prescription

Direct your patients to their pharmacy for fulfillment of their CONTOUR®NEXT prescription.

  • If the prescription is denied, check that the pharmacy ran Medicare Part B.

Remember, CONTOUR®NEXT Test Strips are
always covered under Medicare Part B!*

Need more help? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Medicare coverage:

This is for informational purposes only. Please visit to learn more about Medicare plans and coverage.

Test strips are covered when medically necessary and prescribed by a physician. Medicare will reimburse either 80% of the Medicare Fee Schedule or the actual charges, whichever is less.

  • This means that once the annual Medicare “Part B” deductible is paid, patients pay the other 20%. If they have supplemental or secondary insurance, they may pay even less than the 20%.
  • Many pharmacies, mail order and medical equipment suppliers will take care of all the Medicare paperwork and billing submissions.
  • Patients should ask the pharmacist if this service is offered before they buy their CONTOUR®NEXT test strips.

More questions about Medicare?
Learn more about Medicare plans and coverage at:

This is for informational purposes only. Please visit to learn more about Medicare plans and coverage.

For non-insulin treated patients

  • 100 every 3 months

For insulin treated patients

  • 100 per month

Important note:
Medicare allows additional test strips and lancets if deemed medically necessary. See LMN Matters SE1008 for more information:

  • You must provide your patient with a prescription in order to obtain Medicare reimbursement.
  • Remember to specify "Do Not Substitute" on the prescription to ensure that your patient receives the CONTOUR®NEXT brand.
  • Patients can take their prescription to their local pharmacy, hospital or clinic pharmacy, medical equipment supplier, or Medicare mail order contract supplier.
  • Your patients may want to call their chosen supplier to ensure that they sell CONTOUR®NEXT test strips and that they will assist in filing their claim.

If your patients have any difficulty in obtaining their CONTOUR®NEXT test strips please call us (1-800-348-8100) and we will help them find a Medicare supplier who will provide them with CONTOUR®NEXT test strips.

  • To find a supplier that’s enrolled in Medicare, visit or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227) .

*Not a guarantee of coverage and payment. A doctor’s prescription is required for Medicare coverage and patients must meet Medicare eligibility coverage criteria. Coverage and payment may be subject to coinsurance, deductible and patient eligibility requirements. Visit to learn more about Medicare plans and coverage.

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