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Talk to your patients about CGM combined with BGM to optimize diabetes management.

The ADA recommends that patients using a
CGM also have access to a BGM system1

Blood glucose monitoring can help with the following:

Before meals to give the user the chance to adjust the meal insulin dose

If there are concerns that the CGM readings do not reflect the blood glucose

To detect hypoglycemia before bedtime; before driving; before, during, and after exercise; and when hypoglycemic symptoms occur

CGM manufacturers state that BGM testing is still necessary1, 3-6

In order for people using CGM systems to make appropriate treatment decisions, they must have access to a BGM system, as BGM must be conducted regularly for several reasons:1-6

Any time accuracy is in question

No value or trend arrow

Rapid rates-of-change

When symptoms do not match readings

When waiting on supplies

Recovery from hypoglycemia

Routine calibration

Patients taking acetaminophen

Closed loop diagnostics

Transmission issues

Day one of sensor use

Dosing insulin

A BGM system to support CGM users

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