Program Benefits allows healthcare professionals to easily access and monitor patient blood glucose readings remotely*

Simplified access to your patient information

A secure environment

for your patients to share information with you

Fast and easy access


Generate reports

(Including AGP report**, PDF, print)

Personalized information about each registered patient

(target ranges, time frames)

Quick data summary

traffic light color-coded charts

Download results from CONTOUR® meters

without system administrator permissions

Meaningful, easy-to-understand patient data

  • Check patients’ blood glucose reading data for any time period on demand
  • Ability to view accompanying data, including insulin dosing, activity and food for a more holistic view to assist optimal diabetes management

Secure and simple-to-use platform

  • Get started in minutes online with a simple signup process
  • Easy for patients to install on a compatible computer, with a wizard that guides them through the process and automatically connects to compatible CONTOUR® BGMs
  • Secure, instant, zero-click data sharing. No need to download pdfs or bring blood glucose meters for appointments
  • All data shared seamlessly online with connected healthcare professionals and caregivers, once approved by patient
  • Unique option to store data in personal Google drive


Check to see GlucoContro Online - Minimum System Requirements

Start using and invite patients using connected meters and the CONTOUR® DIABETES app to share data

Set up a Professional Account

Set up and manage your account in a few simple steps

Sign up to
and invite your patients to share their data at

Access and change account settings

Clinic settings that can be changed:

  • Clinic Name and Address
  • Clinic ID
  • Edit Cloud Drive access
  • Clinic Population Levels (Low Glucose Level & High Glucose Level)
  • See current Clinic’s HCP list and add new HCP

Add a new HCP to your account

This section of settings is only accessible to Clinic


Documents and links to help you better understand


Healthcare Professional Brochure


Patient Guide


Links Help Center –


Frequently Asked Questions

Blood glucose data, contextual information (insulin dosing, food intake and activity) and patient profile.

Yes, currently the platform is compatible with the CONTOUR® portfolio of BGMs from Ascensia. Cable and Bluetooth connections are both possible for the full range of the CONTOUR® portfolio of BGMs.

Yes, to do this, the caregiver creates their own account with login, which has to be approved by the patient with diabetes, and the CONTOUR®DIABETES app data is then shared automatically, assuming both the patient with diabetes and caregiver are connected online when trying to access that data. The patient can revoke access at any time.

No, any number of caregivers can be granted access by the patient with diabetes.

  • The platform works with a minimum of Windows 7, with NET 4.7 recommended
  • It will also work on Mac Operating Systems as along as recommended browsers (Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome) are used and no data download functionality is required
  • Similarly, will work with, but is not optimized for, mobile phones and tablets, and there are no downloader capabilities for phones or tablets

Browser-based applications are best experienced using the latest version of Edge, Firefox or Google Chrome browsers.

Prior to being given access to the platform, all users have to accept the privacy policy and user license agreement.

The personal data in the platform is owned by the respective patient with diabetes. Ascensia and SdNcenter, the legal manufacturer of, and technology organization we partnered with to develop the platform, are the data processors with the consent of the users, which is secured when they sign the privacy policy and end user license agreement.

Only anonymized aggregate and statistical data for improving the tool and its operations.

*Patients need to be registered in and approve sharing their data with their healthcare professional

**Ambulatory glucose profile

The CONTOUR®DIABETES app applies appropriate safeguards to ensure your personal data is processed securely and in compliance with applicable laws.

SdNcenter is the legal manufacturer and developer of and is partnering with Ascensia to market and deliver the tool to HCP and Patient users.

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