Hyper accuracy.
Hypo price.

meter sold separately.

CONTOUR®NEXT test strips are now available as an affordable over-the-counter option for your diabetes patients

When almost 1 in 4 insurance co-pays is higher than the cost of treatment,1 it’s important to consider purchasing over-the-counter as this may save your diabetes patients money

CONTOUR®NEXT test strips can offer valued features your patients rely on:

Affordability – even patients who are underinsured or without insurance may be able to afford CONTOUR®NEXT test strips that have demonstrated remarkable accuracy2,3
Value price for a 'best in class' brand – the test strips feature Second-Chance® sampling, remarkable accuracy2,3 and No Coding® technology
A supportive product – test strips are compatible with the CONTOUR®NEXT ONE blood glucose meter. They are easy to use, can help your patients to get highly accurate2,3 readings, and understand results and track patterns over time
Talk to your patients today about CONTOUR®NEXT test strips and over-the-counter purchasing

**Manufacturer suggested retail price. Check with your preferred retailer.

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