Fits Perfectly On Your Arm, And Into Your Lifestyle.


We know no two people are alike. So we designed our transmitter to work the way you need and to be worn the way you want. Get accurate readings every 5 minutes, and the freedom to take the transmitter* on and off when you need a break.

*There is no glucose data generated when the transmitter is removed

Eversense E3 Transmitter Key Advantages

Water-resistant submerged in 1 meter for up to 30 minutes

Only CGM with removable* Smart Transmitter

Only CGM that provides on-body vibe alerts when low or high, even when mobile device is not nearby

Receives readings every 5 minutes whether or not you have your mobile device

Attached to the body with strong but gentle adhesive

Break Free From

  • Frequent issues with irritating tape
  • Issues with sensor self-insertion and removal
  • Ongoing CGM supplies to carry and order
  • Wasted sensors when transmitter is removed and replaced
  • Concerns about an adhesive having to last up to 14 days
The Eversense CGM app with apple watch compatibility and smart transmitter.

Here's How It Works.

The Smart Transmitter sits on your upper arm, over the CGM sensor, where it wirelessly powers the sensor to activate the transfer of glucose measurements. It receives the glucose data, calculates the glucose value, and sends it via Bluetooth to the Eversense Mobile App on your phone or watch. Our gentle silicone-based adhesive patches keep the transmitter on for more comfortable wear and less skin irritations.

Man removing glucose monitor on arm with a CGM transmitter.

"The Removable Transmitter Is A Gamechanger.**"

- Matt, Eversense CGM User -


Eversense App

Get all of the CGM data you might need with predictive alerts and custom reports, in one easy place.


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Make It Uniquely Yours.

Add your own personality to your transmitter with durable, premium CGM pump peels.

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CGM transmitter pump peels
CGM transmitter pump peels
CGM transmitter pump peels
CGM transmitter pump peels
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*There is no glucose data generated when the transmitter is removed
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