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How it works
The Smart Transmitter sits on your upper arm, over the CGM sensor, where it wirelessly powers the sensor to activate the transfer of glucose measurements. It receives the glucose data, calculates the glucose value, and sends it via Bluetooth to the Eversense Mobile App on your phone or watch.

Transmitter Image

On-body vibe alerts for high and low glucose excursions

In addition to alerts you can see and hear, the smart transmitter gives you the added security of on-body vibe alerts, even when your mobile device isn’t near. Eversense is the only CGM to offer this feature.

Receives and transmits data every five minutes – providing you real time readings.

Removable, Rechargeable, and Water-Resistant

The Eversense transmitter is water-resistant,* rechargeable, and can be removed and replaced without disturbing the sensor, which means, you can:

Take It Off to Recharge the Battery While You Shower

Swim or Shower With it On If You Want

Remove It For a Special Occasion

Then you can simply put the transmitter back, and you’re good to go, with readings starting up again in 5 minutes.

* water resistant when submerged in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

Reduce Irritating Tape Issues1

The transmitter has a gentle silicone adhesive, which stays firmly attached to your skin with limited skin irritation.

Eversense Adhesive

Features & Functions

Icon Power

Powers sensor and calculates glucose readings

Icon Water Resistant

Water-resistant submerged in 1 meter for up to 30 minutes

Icon Removable Transmitter

Only CGM with removable Smart Transmitter — no sensor wasted when transmitter is removed

Icon On-Body

Only CGM that provides on-body vibe alerts when low or high, even when mobile device is not nearby

Icon Rechargeable

Rechargeable battery, 1-year limited warranty

Icon Bluetooth

Bluetooth LE communication

Icon Timer

Receives readings every 5 minutes whether or not you have your mobile device

Icon Adhesive

Attached to the body with strong but gentle adhesive

Unstoppable Style!

Customize Your Transmitter – With Pump Peels

  • Constructed of durable yet eco-friendly vinyl that won’t leave a residue on your device
  • Engineered to not obstruct the button or LED
  • Premium print quality brings each design to life
  • Easy to apply
  • Visit the Pump Peelz website to see all the designs


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Madison, Eversense CGM user

Madison, Eversense CGM user

  1. Sanchez P, Ghosh-Dastidar S, Tweden K, Kaufman F. Real-World Data from the First US Commercial Users of an Implantable Continuous Glucose Sensor. Diabetes Technol Ther. Published online August 12, 2019, DOI:10.1089/dia.2019.0234.

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