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Early users of Eversense whose lives have been so positively impacted by the up to 6-month technology, that they want to share their experience with others.

Meet The Eversense Vibetribe

Man peering out of the window while wearing a CGM device.

Meet Matt

Techy, super dad and gym rat— hear how Eversense helps Matt be engaged and focused, with no worries that his sensor will be knocked off, no matter what life throws at him.

Meet Mary

Works in IT for the school system and is a proud mom. Eversense for Mary means relief. Two insertions a year changed her life and gives her time back.

Meet Chris

Chris is an amputee, record-holding powerlifter, motivational keynote speaker and author. Diagnosed with diabetes at 19, he trusts Eversense’s accuracy to help him stay strong for himself and others.

Woman blending a smoothie while using a continuous glucose monitoring device.

Meet Dianne

Dianne is on the road a lot between Florida and Alabama. She and her husband are both relieved that she has Eversense to keep her in a safe range, especially when she’s alone.

Meet Paul

Certified rock climb instructor, Paul leads outdoor adventures for people with diabetes. With Eversense he enjoys the flexibility to remove the transmitter when he needs to.

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*There is no glucose data generated when the transmitter is removed